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Country Estates Lawn Seed


Country Estates is our proprietary, Oregon grown turf type premium fescue blend.  Perfected over the last 15 years, it is a blend of the most current premium cultivars that carry all the desired traits for a superior rated lawn seed.  One or more of the varieties exhibit rhizome traits that help fill in the thickness of the lawn.  Recommended seeding rate of 10-12 lbs. per 1000 square foot.

We also provide lawn fertilizers.  The mixes below are normally in stock:

  • 21-0-05     with crabgrass preventer

  • 25-0-08     Trimec - weed control

  • 15-0-0       grub control with .2 Merit

  • 13-13-13   all purpose starter

  • 28-05-05   with 2% sulfer

  • 32-0-08     with 4% Iron

Low Maintenance Lawn Mix

This native lawn mixture combines two warm-season perennial grasses that perform best in full sun and drier sites. These grasses are both drought tolerant and require very little mowing or fertilizing. If you want a low grow, low maintenance lawn, this is a great choice.

Ingredients: Buffalograss, Blue Grama
Planting Dates: Late spring to early summer. Dormant seeding after November 1.
Seeding Depth: Drilled at 1/4″-1/2″
Seeding Rate: Drilled 1.5lbs/1,000 Sq ft.
Package Size: Sold per bulk pound
Uses: Outlying areas, dry low maintenance sites, native lawns, acreages.

Looking for more turf management info?

Choosing Grasses for Lawns in NE and KS.
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UNL Extension Crabgrass Prevntion Image.
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